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Just some stuff I’d love to have on this journey…

Number one on my wishlist right now: A smaller, lighter, more powerful laptop or tablet computer, able to process raw photos and run photoshop. My laptop is slowly dying, not to mention it’s pretty heavy.

Tokina 11-16mm Ultra-wide Angle Lens

GPN-1 Geotag GPS (adds GPS coordinates to photo information – so I know EXACTLY where I took the picture)

Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control

Metabolic Nutrition – Protizyme Protein Powder 2lb

Personal Survival Shelter – an innovative idea designed by some guys who are really into survival gear – it’s a shelter, poncho, and hammock. I’ve just got a $7 poncho from the drug store, and this one costs ten times as much, but it’s a hundred times more functional and durable than the cheap piece of plastic I’ve got. And it can be turned into a hammock. Just way too nifty.

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