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Here’s some of the people who have traveled around America and the world and shared their experiences on the web.

Adventure Sauce – Benjamin Oliver Jenks is a filmmaker who began his traveling obsession by hitchhiking across America, then traveling the world. Adventure Sauce is his effort to enable others to do the same.
Cody Smart – Hitchhiked around the States, including to Alaska. His photography is amazing.
Tyler Coulson – A lawyer who quit his job at the firm, moved out of his penthouse apartment in Chicago, and took his dog for an epic journey hiking across the country.
Steve Vaught – Steve lost over 100 pounds over the course of his cross-country walk.
Gary Hause – Walks all over the world. Has walked over 23,500 miles to date.
Flemming Bo Jensen – A photographer who travels the world and has lived as a nomad for the past two years.
Christopher John O’Connell Cocorocchio Clemens – A nomad since 1997.
Ando Perez – A nomadic writer and poet.

Here’s a handful of folks with various degrees of blogs and outreach who have walked, or are walking, coast to coast across America.
Mark E. Phillips (very entertaining blog!)
Matt Green
Colin Morrison
Nate Damm
Joe Hurley
Art Garfunkel
Phil Goddard
Björn Suneson
Jonathan Stalls
Matt Gregory
Mycle Brandy
Michael Williams
Jason Glassburn
Catherine Li
Kim Denmark
Paul Glover
Walking Tom
Retired History Teacher
A Woman Named Rodent
Stuart Hamilton and Dave Toolan
Richard Ambrose and Sally Gould
Rob Bonora and Anthony Greco
Jill Hardman and Chloe Michelle Noble



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