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Yellow Creek June 1, 2012

Posted by marzwaggener in Alabama.

I returned to Alabama after my stay at Ratliff Ferry. I’m visiting Russell and Patrick again (met them when I first passed through the area). Over the Memorial Day weekend we went to a place called Yellow Creek. It’s a great place for swimming, fishing, riding WaveRunners, and generally having fun. Although he’s only ten years old, Patrick can drive almost any machine you can put him on – motorcycle, ATV, WaveRunner, truck, or car. According to his dad, he can drive a big dump truck too.

Patrick driving the girls on an ATV

On the WaveRunner

I rode on a WaveRunner for the fist time ever at Yellow Creek. This was my view:

While riding around the river, Russell and I saw a cottonmouth caught on a fishing line – it tried to swallow the bait (or fish already on the line) and got hooked.

The river is a great place to fish – or to play with worms.
Russell ties a hook on his son’s fishing pole

All in all, it was a fun trip and great for the kids. Much better than sitting in front of the television!
The girls might look like they’re frowning but they’re just squinting from the sun – I promise!

I had a number of “first” experiences lately – first time on a WaveRunner, first time seeing a poisonous snake in the wild, first time shooting a gun (Patrick taught me how!), first time riding in a dump truck (Russell is a driver and let me ride along one day). I also rode in a pickup truck with a ten year old driving! (Just in the driveway) Never thought I’d experience that, but Patrick is a really good driver. Especially for being ten and barely able to reach the petals.
Russell fueling his truck

I expect there will be plenty more adventures in the near future!



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