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Starkville Firestation Three May 13, 2012

Posted by marzwaggener in Mississippi.

I camped a few days in Starkville, through muggy and rainy weather. I haven’t been caught in a torrential downpour yet – always been in my tent or inside a building. Caught a couple cool pictures:

Here’s another shot of the rainbow over Columbus
Starkville Horses

On Wednesday the 9th I ventured down a different road to do some laundry, and happened to pass an interesting-looking fire station. I stopped to take some pictures of the tall wooden tower, wondering what it could be – a super awesome lookout tower? A training structure? Finally I knocked on the door of the fire station to ask.

I got more than just a brushoff quick answer – the firefighters on duty gave me a complete tour of the station and the training facilities, including background stories about the ghosts that haunted the old station. (I did not see any ghosts, unfortunately. I WAS secretly hoping for their company.)

The silver structure on the left is the station; the red trailers are a Live Fire Multitrainer System (used for the first time that day), and the tall wooden tower on the right is a training tower that’s been in use for about ten years.

The Tower

The Station

Live Fire Multitrainer System

Trent demonstrated his firefighting gear for me, and snapped a picture of me proudly wearing a jacket and hat.


The firefighters shared some venison sausage with me at dinner – it was delicious!

There would be more testing of the new training system the next day, so I camped nearby to catch the action in the morning. I got some cool pictures and video of the fire inside, and then a few more as the firefighters put on their gear to try out the trainer.


The training and testing went late into the afternoon, so I camped nearby again until the next day’s adventure.



1. Naomi - May 18, 2012

Cool, Marz! That is so awesome that the firefighters were so friendly and educational!

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