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Last Days in Alabama May 2, 2012

Posted by marzwaggener in Alabama.

I didn’t hike very far my first day back on the road. Still getting used to the enormous weight of the pack, especially when it’s loaded up with water. I set up my tent right off the highway behind a hill.

The next day I continued on my way. Unfortunately I was in the middle of nowhere and started running out of water. I saw a sign that I thought pointed to businesses on a side road, and ventured off Highway 82. Well I was mistaken. There were no stores. I started getting thirsty.

Finally someone drove up to ask if I was okay – Russell and his 10-year-old son Patrick. I answered I was just looking for the nearest convenience store, which Russell told me was quite far away. He kindly gave me a lift there, and he was right – it was pretty far, even driving. I filled up my water and purchased a few things, and as I packed them into my backpack Russell returned. He insisted I stay with him or even his mom for the evening, so I wouldn’t have to sleep in the tent. I accepted his generous hospitality and spent several fun days with Russell and Patrick.

_DSC7525 _DSC7538

_DSC7583 _DSC7544 _DSC7603

Patrick and I had a lot of fun with photography. We made some “light paintings” – where the camera shutter speed is open for a long time (ten seconds in this case) so movement of lights are recorded.

Then Patrick helped me with a photo project I’d been thinking of for quite some time which I’m calling “I Hate Fireants” until I can think of a better name.
_DSC7647 _DSC7674

Patrick is not scared of fireants. But I am. So I’m pretty sure there’s no way I could have done this without him.
(This one makes me shudder just to look at it!)

Not scared of fireants AT ALL.

Patrick and Russell at Jack’s

I found a few other interesting places to camp:
Behind a church
Woods just off the 82

I met these adorable brothers:

And finally, on May 2nd (today!) I crossed the border into Mississippi. I didn’t walk all the way – a gentleman named Mike gave me a lift the last few miles, which was fortunate as I was out of water (again!) and several miles from any water supply.

And now I’m in a truck stop, updating the blog, and soon will be taking a $5 shower. My Alabama adventure was great and I hope Mississippi is just as awesome.



1. Davidi - May 4, 2012

Gotta love the generosity of strangers. One time I was wandering in the woods behind the meeting hall and got lost. Instead of searching for the way back, I looked for a house and navigated my way back from the neighborhood. One person let me use their phone so I could tell Mutti where I was, and then from there I got directions back.

marzwaggener - May 4, 2012

Yup! And the best part is, a lot of them aren’t strangers anymore, they’re friends I’ll keep in touch with for a long time.

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