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Survival and Tampons April 18, 2012

Posted by marzwaggener in Survival.

In my month of walking the Silver Comet trail, I’ve been fortunate not to encounter any survival situations. But since I was a kid, I’ve loved to read and imagine about surviving in the wilderness. Not practice, mind you. Eating bugs or killing small animals is just a bit much for me, unless I’m really, truly about to die. But there’s still an old copy of “The SAS Survival Handbook” somewhere at my parent’s house, and some of the stuff I carry around is survival gear I’ve had since I was a kid. (I don’t really have much survival gear though, other than Adventure Medical Kit’s Pocket Survival Pak – not the best survival kit but better than nothing.)

I subscribe to a few survival blogs, my favorite is Willowhaven Outdoor. They e-mail a newsletter every other week or so. A few weeks ago, they sent me the BEST e-mail I think I’ve ever gotten: using a tampon as an emergency survival tool. Being female, of course I have one other very important survival use for a tampon, but this article is so brilliantly thought out and many of the ideas I could realistically use, it just made my day. Mr. Creek Stewart, who writes the blog and runs Willowhaven Outdoor, is full of these brilliant (and sometimes fun) ideas.

Another great post I found on Willowhaven Outdoor (this might be how I found the site to begin with) is plans to build a camp chair. I’d found some great plans on Instructables for a Multi-Function Walking Stick that converts to a chair, but the seat looked really uncomfortable and I wanted something leather. I’m still planning to make something like this… someday.

One last survival item that I think is really cool is the Personal Survival Shelter by Wilderness Innovation. From the pictures and videos they have on the website, I’d describe it as a high quality poncho that can convert into a shelter in a pinch, and converts into a hammock when you want to relax. I’d be devastated if my camera got destroyed by rain or water. There’s no way I could replace it, and without my camera I’ve lost who I am: a photographer. I’d only be upset if my computer was destroyed, it’s not a good computer and starting to fail, but devastated if I lost all my photos saved on it. The poncho I have currently is a cheap $7 poncho from the drug store. It covers my pack… barely. I haven’t been caught in a really bad downpour yet, just mild ones, and it seems the cheap poncho will do an okay job… but a Personal Survival Shelter would not only be much more durable, it converts into a hammock.



1. Normand Crimi - May 8, 2012

I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

2. Outdoor Survival Canada - October 2, 2014

Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed that a lot.
Will there be a part 2?

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