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The Rock! April 6, 2012

Posted by marzwaggener in Campgrounds, Georgia.

The Rock Campground is 1000 feet off the Silver Comet Trail at mile 34.5. I only intended to stay one day, rest a bit and shower, but ended up staying three nights because it was such an amazing place. If anyone is looking for a great vacation spot – either for tent camping or RV camping – this place is excellent.


Along with the great scenery, clean bathrooms, electricity and hot water, the owner loves vintage farm stuff. Before you even enter the park you see this cool old truck:

As you explore around outside, you’ll find all kinds of awesome stuff set up, creating picturesque scenes everywhere.

And on top of all this, John (the owner) has this huge building right in the middle of the property. He hosts several bluegrass music festivals every year in this building. And it is filled with all kinds of cool vintage farm implements, enough that it is a small museum. Although the museum wasn’t open for a festival, John brought two other guests (whom I made fast friends with during my stay) and myself through the building, explaining the significance of many of the pieces. Here’s a few pictures from inside, but know that my photographs don’t do the place justice – you’ve really got to see it for yourself!

Here’s the stage area used in the bluegrass festivals:
Even the stage is a museum display!

Barb, a guest at the campground, and John. This is the audience seating area.

You can even rent out a small cabin on the campgrounds – there are 2 or 3 of them.

This is Barb and her son Jay. I spent a lot of time with them during my three days at The Rock. They are one of the reasons my stay there was so enjoyable. The campground seems to attract friendly people – everyone I met there was really nice.

This is Jo. She’s one of the many long-term campers. She and her husband stay at The Rock about eight months of the year, and go south when it gets colder. They have this awesome vintage bus they keep there, a nice touch to the other equipment on display:

So there’s a short rundown of The Rock campground. I loved it there and highly recommend it. I would have LOVED to be there during one of John’s Bluegrass Festivals, so if anyone is lucky enough to be out there during that time let me know how it is!



1. Naomi - April 6, 2012

Cool, Marzie! Sounds like a neat place. Keep the posts coming – I love reading them!

2. Susanne Hovis - April 7, 2012

Love it!

3. Barb - April 8, 2012

Awesome photos! We all sure had a great time at Zorba’s and the Rock. Keep updating me and I will update you on our progress too.

4. smileybecks05 - April 9, 2012

Love these pictures! I miss you!

5. Greg (father/daughter) - April 14, 2012

Hey Marz,
we’ve been checking your site. Hope all is well. Update soon.

6. somer - April 15, 2012

I love reading your blog about your adventures! such a wonderful thing to do, I’m sure you’re learning so much about yourself. courageous!

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