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Back on the Trail! March 30, 2012

Posted by marzwaggener in Georgia.

It took a few days longer than anticipated to get here, but I’ve been back on the trail for about a week now, today being my first time with internet access. Every morning I try to take a picture of my tent to remember my stealth (or not so stealth) campspot. Here’s a quick rundown of my campsites:

I camped just off-trail on the 22nd, but forgot to snap a picture before I packed up my tent. You can see the dry square where the tent was (it rained during the night).

On the 23rd, I found some proper woods to set up in. There was even plush seating to enjoy the senic view.

On the 24th, I had to set up very quickly in the rain, and I found this VERY un-stealth spot RIGHT next to the trail. You can see my tent off to the right in the second picture.

On the 25th, I set up off a trail in the woods. I was very close to the Silver Comet Trail but still could not be seen. I ended up staying in my tent a whole day, writing a letter to my next door neighbors in California (hi guys if you are reading this!), and resting my tired and blistered feet. So I spent two nights here.

On the 27th, I set up between these two rocks, all while trying to think of funny captions: “I slept between a rock and a hard place,” etc. I was also sleeping on quite the incline, inviting phrases of a “slippery slope.” But my tent held together through the night.

On the 28th, I had a goal to walk a considerable distance (based on my previous average of 3 or 4 miles a day) to a real camp site. But I still had a few miles to go by 9PM, it was really dark, I was out of water, and I was REALLY tired, so I just set up in the worst place ever. I got to the BEST place ever the next night, which will be for another blog entry…



1. susie waggener - March 31, 2012

The adventurer saga continues. It was good to see your progress. We love you.

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