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The Journey Begins! March 19, 2012

Posted by marzwaggener in Georgia.

On Wednesday, March 14th, I FINALLY started my trip again. My sister Hannah drove me out and I started the hike down the Silver Comet Trail with my many assorted bags. I’ve gotten a lot of strange looks, and deservedly so – I look REALLY strange. I have a backpack on my back, a funny “Police Line” utility bag holding my camera slung acoss my front, a sleeping bag under one arm, and dragging a purple rolling suitcase behind me. Yes, that’s correct. I’m pulling a rolling suitcase down a bicycle trail. Embarrassment is part of the fun, right?
Here’s one of my first shots of the trail.

It was very slow going, but I finally made it to the 2.6 mile marker, where there was a parking lot and bathroom. I used the facilities, refilled my water bottles, and met Taylor, who was going out to collect driftwood and such for his aquarium. He’s lived in the area his whole life and knew a lot about all the cool stuff to see on the trail, and I followed him back a short distance to see the remains of the Concord Woolen Mill Ruins (more info here: http://www.cobblandtrust.org/html/Woolenmill.htm). These giant, crumbling walls have been abandoned for almost a hundred years and are an unexpected sight in the middle of the woods.
Taylor in front of the ruins.




I set up my tent inside the smaller of the two buildings and settled down for my first night of (not so) stealth camping.



1. mutti - March 19, 2012

Those are beautiful pictures. The mill ruins are an artistic historical perk…keep bandaids on your blisters!

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