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A Failed Beginning February 17, 2012

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My first start, a couple of weeks ago, was a hilarious flop. I’m starting a journey as a writer and photographer and as such I have to drag along the needed tools – my laptop and dSLR camera. These are not exactly feather light items – my laptop is a cheaper model (read: big and heavy), and I’ve got a bit of camera gear to go with the camera – alternate lens, external flash, reflectors, and the like. The journey has no time frame or destination exactly, I could be walking for six weeks and then do something different, or six months, or six years. But I have to pack for a long trip – a long, most likely very smelly trip, since I’ll only have one change of clothes! Some of the gear I got recently, specifically for this journey, but some of it I picked up years ago. My backpack is one of those items and it is MUCH too small. It’s only intended for day trips of ultra-light camping. Ha! I packed the poor little backpack to the hilt, THEN clipped the tent and sleeping bag on the outside. A silver piece of tarp was also clipped on as REI was out of tent footprints when I bought the tent and I never got around to picking one up. (Plus, the tarp was free, while the REI footprint would cost 25 bucks. Probably worth it for the space-saving and less headache-causing properties though.) Then, draped over one shoulder, an adorable Crumpler messenger bag, and over the other shoulder, an awesome bag with straps that looked like police warning tape. Meanwhile I was wearing a tee-shirt, long sleeve ExOffico shirt, lightweight jacket, and heavy poncho. I’m overweight, insanely out of shape, desperately trying to crawl out of a brutal depression, bundled in way too many layers, then piled with mountains of bags I can barely even pick up. Pure comedy. Regretfully (not for me!) there will NOT be any pictures.